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Hollow glass automatic production lines, butyl rubber coating machines and other


In the customer-centric, quality of survival of the general policy, in recent years continue to make outstanding achievements in the domestic market


Easy to understand, easy to debug operation easy to buy spare parts processing accuracy standards, practical, durable, cost-effective


The company was founded in 2002, to establish a sound pre-sale, sale, after-sales system


Companies adhere to the quality first, positive innovation, timely service, integrity-based


Always research and development, and actively with domestic and foreign advanced business model convergence

        Teneng CNC Machinery Equipment Co。, Ltd。 is a new-type modern joint-stock enterprise integrating product development, production and sales, specializing in the production and sales of high-grade insulating glass machining equipment, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows machining equipment, and other glass machinery and doors and windows machinery as well as the parts of doors and windows machinery, in addition to the training of related technical specialists。 The products are mainly featured by good versatility。。。

          • TenengCNCMachineryEquipmentCo。,Ltd。isanew-typemodernjoint-stockenterpriseintegratingproductdevelopment,productionandsales,specializingintheproductionandsalesofhigh-gradeinsulatingglassmachiningequipment,brokenbridgealuminumdoorsan。。。

          • Theroutinetestsoninsulatingglassmachiningequipmentareaimedtomeasureandverifytheoperation,technicalcondition,workingaccuracy,andthewearingofpartsofinsulatingglassequipment,todiscoverhiddendangers,andthentakepointedmeasurestoremovef...

          • Insulatingglasshasgoodenergyefficiencyandlastingairtightness.Withpoorenergyperformance,evenifithaslongdurabilityandalastingsealinglife,theinsulatingglassstillfallsintothelowgrade.Insulatingglassequipmentmanufacturersidentifiedthef...

          • JinanTenengCNCEquipmentCo.,Ltd.formallylaunchedtheofficialwebsite.Congratulations!

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